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Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm Outdoor Dual-Lens People Counting Camera, 2.8mm Lens

SKU: iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm
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Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm Outdoor Dual-Lens People Counting Camera, 2.8mm Lens


The Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm Outdoor Dual-Lens People Counting Camera with a 2.8mm Lens is a specialized surveillance solution designed to provide precise people counting capabilities in a variety of outdoor settings. This advanced camera offers businesses and organizations valuable insights into foot traffic, helping optimize operations and enhance overall security.

Key Features:

  • Accurate People Counting: The iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C is equipped with cutting-edge technology for accurate people counting. It supports the separate counting of individuals entering, exiting, and passing through a designated area. This data is invaluable for businesses aiming to analyze customer behavior, improve service, and make informed decisions.
  • High-Resolution Video: With a maximum resolution of up to 640 x 960, this camera captures clear and detailed video footage. It ensures that every individual is accurately detected and counted.
  • Lens Options: The camera offers flexibility with 2.8mm lens options, allowing you to choose the most suitable lens for your specific application.
  • Efficient Video Compression: It supports H.264 video compression, optimizing storage space without compromising video quality. The main stream provides a maximum frame rate of 24 fps at 640 x 480 resolution.
  • Enhanced IR Range: With an infrared (IR) range of up to 15 feet (5 meters), this camera maintains accurate counting even in low-light conditions.
  • Power Options: The camera can be powered using 12 VDC or via PoE (Power over Ethernet) with 802.3af, class 3 compliance, consuming only 7 watts of power.

Compatibility: The iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm People Counting Camera is designed to be compatible with various surveillance systems. Its specialized features cater to businesses, retail stores, and organizations looking to optimize their operations with accurate people counting data.


  • Lens: 2.8mm
  • Resolution: Up to 640 x 960
  • Video Compression: H.264
  • Maximum Frame Rate: 24 fps at 640 x 480
  • IR Range: Up to 15 ft (5 m)
  • Power Supply: 12 VDC or PoE (802.3af, class 3), 7 W

Package Contents:

  • Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm People Counting Camera
  • Mounting Accessories

The Hikvision iDS-2CD6810F-IV/C-2.8mm Outdoor Dual-Lens People Counting Camera is an invaluable asset for businesses and organizations aiming to gain insights into their foot traffic and enhance security. Its precise counting capabilities, high-resolution video, and compatibility with various surveillance systems make it a powerful tool for optimizing operations and making data-driven decisions. Trust in this camera to provide accurate and valuable people counting information.

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