About Us


IP Security Depot exists because your safety matters.

We were founded by network engineers and video surveillance engineers who came together to provide a professional store for network-enabled security cameras and associated products. We have the experience, expertise, and industry certifications to help you find security.

Find authorized IP cameras, network video recorders, PoE switches, vandal-proof enclosures. Find peace of mind.

IP Cameras. Because your safety matters.

IP cameras protect you.

IP cameras are a massive leap past traditional CCTV cameras at protecting you. IP cameras offer improved image quality, simpler installation and management, stricter security, and network-enhanced functionality.

This means that you're able to obtain better video evidence, store more video evidence, and access video evidence more easily. IP cameras don't require separate infrastructure like CCTV, instead making use of the Ethernet network your business already has. Why wouldn't you go with IP cameras?

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