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Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter White - 01786-001

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SKU: 01786-001
UPC: 7331021067707
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Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter White - 01786-001

MSRP: $859.00

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Introducing the Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter (01786-001), an innovative and precise people counting technology designed for businesses that require accurate foot traffic data. This white device is a state-of-the-art solution, perfect for retail stores, transportation hubs, and public venues, where understanding people flow is crucial for operational efficiency, safety, and business intelligence.

Key Features:

  1. Accurate 3D People Counting: Utilizes advanced 3D imaging technology to accurately count the number of people passing through an area, reducing errors caused by shadows, reflections, or overlapping individuals.

  2. Real-Time Data Analysis: Provides real-time analytics on foot traffic, enabling businesses to make informed decisions on staffing, layout, and operational management.

  3. Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Axis Camera Station and other VMS (Video Management Systems) for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

  4. Privacy-Focused Design: The technology focuses on counting without identifying individuals, ensuring privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

  5. Wide Area Coverage: Capable of covering wide entrances or passages, making it versatile for various business environments.

  6. Durable and Discreet: The device's white color and sleek design allow it to blend into different architectural styles, maintaining the aesthetic of the environment.

Package Contents:

  1. Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter (White)
  2. Installation Guide
  3. Mounting Accessories
  4. Axis Camera Station License Key
  5. Warranty and Support Information

Compatibility Information:

  • System Compatibility: Compatible with Axis Camera Station and major third-party VMS platforms.
  • Installation Flexibility: Designed for easy installation in various settings, including indoor environments such as shopping malls, corporate buildings, and transport terminals.
  • Connectivity: Supports Ethernet connection for data transmission and easy integration into existing network infrastructures.

Why Choose Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter? The Axis P8815-2 3D People Counter is an essential tool for businesses that value data-driven decision-making. It offers accurate, real-time people counting and analytics, aiding in operational efficiency, customer experience improvement, and strategic planning.

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