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PoE Midspans

PoE Midspans

Certified PoE midspans. Available right now.

Find certified Power over Ethernet solutions for providing secure power through Ethernet cables to your IP cameras and other compatible devices.

PoE midspans are simple devices: they inject power according to industry standards into the Ethernet cables that connect devices to local networks. Because it's simpler to run a single Ethernet cable than both an Ethernet cable and a power cable to most places where cameras are installed, a PoE midspan can save you an enormous amount of hassle. You can also save a lot on infrastructure costs. We sell authentic PoE midspans from the best manufacturers.

IP Security Depot. Because your safety matters.

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BP-1000 Brickcom BP-1000 PoE Splitter
  • 21% Off
  • $68.99
POE30U Brickcom POE30U Power over Ethernet Injector
  • 20% Off
  • $95.99
PS-588I Brickcom PS-588I 8-Port Desktop PoE Fast Ethernet Switch
  • 22% Off
  • $257.99
POE16U Brickcom POE16U Power over Ethernet Injector
  • 25% Off
  • $74.99
151S-12V Brickcom 151S-12V PoE Splitter
  • 22% Off
  • $67.99